Ronald Stuart Thomas Poems

Ronald Stuart Thomas was a Welsh poet born in 1913. Throughout his life, he served as a priest and is remembered for his nationalism and spirituality. His books include The Stones of the Field and The Mountains. 

A Marriage

by Ronald Stuart Thomas

A Marriage by R. S. Thomas explores a relationship over fifty years, and its bittersweet end. The poem focuses on

A Peasant

by Ronald Stuart Thomas

‘A Peasant’ was written in 1942. The poem presents an emblematic character of Thomas’s poetry called Iago Prytherch.

A Welsh Landscape

by Ronald Stuart Thomas

‘A Welsh Landscape’ portrays R. S Thomas’ views about Wales and Welsh culture. Moreover, the poem depicts the people of Wales, based on this landscape portrait. R. S. Thomas focuses on negative aspects and develops a pessimistic look at Welshness.


by Ronald Stuart Thomas

‘Here’ by R.S. Thomas is delivered from the perspective of a man who, while looking back on his life, finds himself self regretting acts of violence he committed.

Welsh History

by Ronald Stuart Thomas

‘Welsh History’ is an image rich depiction of the history of the Welsh people and their strength throughout times of strife and suffering.

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