Ruth Stone Poems

Ruth Stone was an award-winning American poet renowned for her profound and vivid expressions of life experiences. Her poetry explored themes of loss, love, and resilience, often drawing inspiration from personal tragedies. Stone’s words resonated with emotional depth and lyrical intensity, capturing the essence of human existence with honesty and clarity. Her work continues to inspire and move readers with its raw and powerful insights.

The Wound

by Ruth Stone

‘The Wound’ by Ruth Stone describes with unflinching detail the harmful ways in which some words can inflict lasting hurt.

This poem by Ruth Stone is made all the more poignant and emotionally acute thanks to her powerful use of imagery and figurative language. Both its intensely personal perspective and succinct use of couplets are representative of the poet's deeply affecting style. All of which inspire a profound sense of empathy from the reader and a reflection on their own experiences.

The shock comes slowly

as an afterthought.

First you hear the words

and they are like all other words,

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