Sadako Kurihara Poems

Sadako Kurihara was a renowned Japanese poet known for her powerful and evocative poetry that reflected her experiences during World War II and her unwavering commitment to peace and social justice.

Her works captured the raw emotions of war, expressed empathy for the marginalized, and emphasized the importance of love and compassion in a turbulent world.

Let Us Be Midwives

by Sadako Kurihara

‘Let Us Be Midwives’ by Sadako Kurihara is a powerful war-time poem that describes a few moments of despair and a few of hope in the aftermath of the atomic bombing.

Sadako Kurihara's poetry captures human resilience, particularly in the context of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Her works delve deep into the depths of despair and explore the enduring spirit of hope and compassion.This poem is the poet's best-known piece. Kurihara is able to shed light on the untold stories of the survivors and offer a powerful voice to those affected by the atrocities of war.

Night in the basement of a concrete structure now in ruins.

Victims of the atomic bomb jammed the room;

It was dark—not even a single candle.

The smell of fresh blood, the stench of death,


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