Sandra Cisneros Poems

Sandra Cisneros is a contemporary poet, novelist, performer, and artist. She has been awarded numerous fellowships and literary awards throughout her career so far, including the Fuller Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature.

Abuelito Who

by Sandra Cisneros

‘Abuelito Who’ by Sandra Cisneros is a powerful poem about the importance of family. The poem conveys the ways that illness and change within the family dynamic can have on a child.

Little Clown, My Heart

by Sandra Cisneros

‘Little Clown, My Heart’ is written by the foremost figure of Chicano literature, Sandra Cisneros. This poem is a witty depiction of the poet’s heart, compared to a little circus clown.

My Wicked Wicked Ways

by Sandra Cisneros

‘My Wicked Wicked Ways’ is the cover poem of the 1987 poetry collection by the same title. This piece is written by the Chicano poet Sandra Cisneros and it centers on an old photograph of a speaker’s family.

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