Sandra Cisneros Poems

Sandra Cisneros is a contemporary poet, novelist, performer, and artist. She has been awarded numerous fellowships and literary awards throughout her career so far, including the Fuller Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature.

Loose Woman

by Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros’s ‘Loose Woman’ celebrates a fearless woman who defies societal expectations and embraces her power.

This poem is a good representation of Sandra Cisneros' poetry. It captures her distinctive voice, boldness, and exploration of themes related to gender, identity, and empowerment. The poem showcases Cisneros' ability to challenge societal norms, reclaim derogatory language, and celebrate the strength and agency of women. Its vibrant imagery, rhythmic language, and unapologetic tone align with the style and themes often present in Cisneros' body of work. It exemplifies her ability to convey powerful messages through poetic expression.

They say I’m a beast.

And feast on it. When all along

I thought that’s what a woman was.

Little Clown, My Heart

by Sandra Cisneros

‘Little Clown, My Heart’ is written by the foremost figure of Chicano literature, Sandra Cisneros. This poem is a witty depiction of the poet’s heart, compared to a little circus clown.

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