Sara Teasdale

Sara Teasdale Poems

Sara Teasdale is known as a lyric poet whose work was mainly concerned with beauty, love, and death. She was known to incorporate her own experiences into her poetry, from those of youth to those of depression. Read more about Sara Teasdale.

A November Night

by Sara Teasdale

Filled with beautiful images of nature and emotion, ‘A November Night’ is one of Sara Teasdale’s best poems.

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by Sara Teasdale

‘Moonlight’ is a short lyrical poem by Sara Teasdale that uses various literary devices to depict the sorrows of a troubled youth.

September Midnight

by Sara Teasdale

‘September Midnight’ by Sara Teasdale tells of a speaker’s affection for the last days of summer and all the sights and sounds that go with it.

Spring in War Time

by Sara Teasdale

‘Spring in War Time’ is a lyric poem contemplating war and its strength; as well as its inability to stop the seasons from changing and spring from coming.


by Sara Teasdale

‘Stars’ by Sara Teasdale is a beautiful and easy-to-read poem. In it, Teasdale spends five stanzas describing and appreciating the stars in the sky. 

And a heaven full of stars

Over my head

White and topaz

And misty red;

The Answer

by Sara Teasdale

‘The Answer’ is a short poem that describes the respect that one speaker is hoping to receive from others after her death.

The Ghost

by Sara Teasdale

‘The Ghost’ by Sara Teasdale describes a speaker’s unwelcome experience after reuniting with two ex-lovers in a city she used to know. 

I went back to the clanging city,

I went back where my old loves stayed,

But my heart was full of my new love's glory,

My eyes were laughing and unafraid.

The Kiss

by Sara Teasdale

‘The Kiss’ by Sara Teasdale is a passionate love poem. The piece describes how devoted a speaker is to her lover and how she’d never choose anyone or anything over him. 

The River

by Sara Teasdale

‘The River’ by Sara Teasdale is a short and effective poem. It uses a river as a narrator and describes its journey towards the ocean.

There Will Come Soft Rains

by Sara Teasdale

‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ is a beautiful, image-rich poem. In it, Teasdale describes the impact, or lack thereof, that humanity really has on the natural world.

To Sappho I

by Sara Teasdale

‘To Sappho I’ by Sara Teasdale speaks on the beauty of the past as seen from a tainted future that has lost it’s joy and magic. 

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