Sergei Yesenin Poems

Sergei Yesenin was a Russian lyric poet who is today regarded as one of the most important Russian poets of the 20th century. His work has been described as evoking feelings of nostalgia for childhood. His poems also explore the negative aspects of industrialization.

The grove of golden trees has fallen silent…

by Sergei Yesenin

‘The grove of golden trees has fallen silent’ by Sergei Yesenin was written in 1924 and originally published in Yesenin’s native tongue, Russian. It appears in this analysis in translated English, by Anton Yakovlev.

Sergei Yesenin was a notable Russian poet of the 20th century known for his lyrical and often melancholic verses. In this poem, Yesenin's poetic style is apparent through his use of vivid nature imagery, introspective musings, and the exploration of existential themes. His ability to capture moments of life and evoke emotions through his poetic language adds depth and resonance to the poem.

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