Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds is a contemporary American poet born in 1942. She has won numerous literary awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. Her poetry has been praised for its clarity and depiction of complex emotional states.


by Sharon Olds

’35/10’ by Sharon Olds is a moving poem about the poet’s relationship with her daughter. The latter is coming into her own while the former is growing old.

Her First Week

by Sharon Olds

The poem, ‘Her First Week’, inparticularly reveals both sides of motherhood and the many facets of feeling and emotions that come along with having a baby.

My First Weeks

by Sharon Olds

‘My First Weeks’ is a description of the first two weeks in the life of a child and the pleasure she gets from nursing.

Rite of Passage

by Sharon Olds

‘Rite of Passage’ by Sharon Olds is a disturbing poem that describes how a group of six and seven year olds acted at a birthday party. They immediately compare their strengths and ages, and even suggest they could kill a young child. 

Sex Without Love

by Sharon Olds

In ‘Sex Without Love’ Olds asks the reader to consider the implications of relationships based on sex rather than emotional love.

The Language of the Brag

by Sharon Olds

‘The Language of the Brag’ by Sharon Olds is an unforgettable poem about the strength and exceptionality of women’s bodies. It is set against the backdrop of giving birth. 

The One Girl at the Boys Party

by Sharon Olds

‘The One Girl at the Boys Party’ by Sharon Olds is about a young girl who attends a boy’s pool party. She stands apart from them in a powerful and beautiful way.

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