Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon was born on 8th September 1886, in Matfield, Kent, England, in a Gothic-style mansion named after its builder, Harrison Weir. Read more about Siegfried Sassoon here.

A Subaltern

In ‘A Subaltern’ the speaker catches a glimpse of the innocence and hope he thought the war had erased in a conversation with a junior military officer.

A Subaltern by Siegfried Sasson Visual Representation


Attack’ by Siegfried Sassoon is an eye-opening poem about the harsh reality of war and what it feels like to be a soldier.


‘Counter-Attack’ is perhaps Siegfried Sassoon’s longest poem that describes a failed counter-attack on the German line. From the very first stanza, a sense of hopelessness lurks in this poem.

Counter-Attack by Siegfried Sassoon Visual Representation

Glory of Women

In ‘Glory of Women,’ Siegfried Sassoon attacks the role of women in wartime and makes them complicit in the deaths of the men they claim to “worship”.

Glory of Women by Siegfried Sassoon Visual Representation

Suicide in the Trenches

‘Suicide in the Trenches’ is an incredibly tragic poem. Siegfried Sassoon explores the mental deterioration of a young soldier in the trenches of WW1 and his suicide.

Suicide in the Trenches Poem by Siegfried Sassoon Visual Representation

The Rear-Guard

Read Siegfried Sassoon’s ‘The Rear-Guard’ with a complete summary, analysis, and context to the war poem, about a soldier’s journey.

The Rear Guard by Siegfried Sassoon Visual Representation

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