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Love of Country

by Sir Walter Scott

‘Love of Country’ presents a world in which patriotism is the most important virtue of all and the lack of it is unforgivable.

Sir Walter Scott's proud nationalism and sense of loyalty are all present in this poem, which extols and demands these qualities in others.

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said,

This is my own, my native land!

Whose heart hath ne'er within him burn'd,

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by Sir Walter Scott

‘Lochinvar’ is a ballad about a young and courageous knight who saves his beloved, the fair lady Ellen, from marrying another man.

'Lochinvar,' from Scott's "Marmion" is one of his best-loved poems. This quick, uplifting, and rich ballad is historical, like much of Scott's work, but the listener does not need to know much about history to appreciate it. For that reason, it appeals to all sorts of people, even if they are just in the mood for a light-hearted song about love.

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