Sonia Sanchez Poems

Sonia Sanchez is a contemporary American poet born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1934. She is the author of more than twelve books of poetry, including Morning Haiku and Homegirls & Handgrenades. She has also won numerous literary awards, published plays, and published books for children.

Catch the Fire

by Sonia Sanchez

‘Catch the Fire’ by Sonia Sanchez is a thoughtful and inspiring poem. In it, the poet encourages readers to catch their fire and use their passion to fuel their lives.

Poem at Thirty

by Sonia Sanchez

Sonia Sanchez’s ‘Poem at Thirty’ describes a speaker’s journey from being wounded to growing stronger. The pain reminds her of the metaphorical “midnight” of her life and her community.

This Is Not a Small Voice

by Sonia Sanchez

‘This Is Not a Small Voice’ by Sonia Sanchez is a well-loved poem that celebrates the power of Black men, women, and children, as well as their communities. 

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