Sonia Sanchez Poems

Sonia Sanchez is a contemporary American poet born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1934. She is the author of more than twelve books of poetry, including Morning Haiku and Homegirls & Handgrenades. She has also won numerous literary awards, published plays, and published books for children.

This Is Not a Small Voice

by Sonia Sanchez

‘This Is Not a Small Voice’ by Sonia Sanchez is a well-loved poem that celebrates the power of Black men, women, and children, as well as their communities. 

'This is Not a Small Voice' is widely recognized as one of her most celebrated works, and it has been included in several anthologies and collections of contemporary poetry. The poem's use of language, imagery, and repetition creates a powerful and moving message highlighting the importance and significance of the voices and love of black people.

This is not a small voice

you hear this is a large

voice coming out of these cities.

This is the voice of LaTanya.

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