Stephen Crane Poems

Stephen Crane was a 19th-century American poet and novelist. Although his career was relatively short, he passed away at only 29 years old, he wrote numerous interesting works. He inspired authors like Ernest Hemingway during the 20th century.

In Heaven

by Stephen Crane

‘In Heaven’ by Stephen Crane offers a parable-like anecdote that contrasts humility with self-righteous pride. It also challenges religion and those the poet’s speaker deemed hypocritical.

Stephen Crane might not have been well known for his poetry collections, but this poem reveals the exact appeal his lines of verse have. The diction is simple, and its use of imagery/symbolism makes it an original parable.

In Heaven,

Some little blades of grass

Stood before God.

“What did you do?”

Fast Rode the Knight

by Stephen Crane

“Fast Rode the Knight” by Stephen Crane is a story of a zealous “knight” rushing into battle in order to rescue his “lady”.

In the Desert

by Stephen Crane

‘In the Desert’ by Stephen Crane is a popular short poem that presents readers with a strange scenario. The poem speaks on human nature through a disturbing image of self-destruction.

War is Kind

by Stephen Crane

In this five stanza excerpt from ‘War is Kind’ by Stephen Crane, the poet does not use any pattern of

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