Stephen Dunn Poems

Stephen Dunn was an American poet born in June 1939 in New York City. From early on in his career he worked in writing before publishing several books of poetry. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 2000 for his collection Different Hours. 

Allegory of the Cave

by Stephen Dunn

In this poem, Stephen Dunn alludes to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave or Plato’s Cave by the same title. This piece raises a number of philosophical questions with respect to the political history of the 20th century.

Before We Leave

by Stephen Dunn

‘Before We Leave’ by Stephen Dunn undulates between a literal and metaphorical journey. The poet is giving the reader tips


by Stephen Dunn

Within ‘Tenderness’ Stephen Dunn speaks on the importance of the word “tenderness,” its implications, and how love can entirely transform

The Sacred

by Stephen Dunn

‘The Sacred’ was published in 1989 and conveys many of the themes that Dunn is best-known for, such as elevating


by Stephen Dunn

‘Tucson’ by Stephen Dunn is a narrative poem that explores a particular city’s racial tensions. They are described through a single fight and allusions to the various men present in a single bar.

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