Su Tung-Po Poems

Su Tung Po was a Chinese writer born in 1037. He is remembered for his poetry and prose that often set him apart from the ruling families of the time. He was banished from two different provinces during his lifetime. 

On The Birth of a Son

by Su Tung-Po

“On The Birth of a Son” by Su Tung-Po explores the place of intelligence in society, looking at how it actually leads to unhappiness rather than joy.

This is a poem by Su Tung-Po, an important poet and scholar of the Song Dynasty, which spanned from the 10th to the 13th century in China. This poem is well-known for its profound insights into human nature, wit and humor, and its mastery of language. It's a great example of his widely read and studied verse. Plus, it is still highly relevant today, making it all the more important.

Families when a child is born

Hope it will turn out intelligent.

I, through intelligence

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