Poems about Abandonment

In the desolate sphere of abandonment and betrayal, some poets wrote verses of exquisite sweetness and some explored the dark side of this theme. “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.” The poet has rightly said that those who have not shed a tear cannot even know the value of happiness.

Like tragedy purges the soul of excess emotions, these poems will take the excess of emotions out of readers’ hearts and make their minds more balanced.

Answer by Chinua Achebe

‘Answer’ by Chinua Achebe portrays a persona shedding off insecurities about his homeland. He stops comparing it to that of his colonizers, seeing it as the vibrant place it always was.

Answer by Chinua Achebe Visual Representation

Sonnet 143 by William Shakespeare

‘Sonnet 143,’ also known as ‘Lo, as a careful housewife runs to catch,’ uses a simile to depict the speaker’s feelings for the Dark Lady. He is described as a crying infant desperate for his mother’s return.

Sonnet 143 by William Shakespeare Visual Poem Representation

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti

‘Cousin Kate’ speaks to the circumstance of women during the Victorian era. The period in which Rossetti wrote this poem makes the message all the more meaningful.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti Visual Representation

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