Poems in Acrostic

An acrostic is a form in which certain letters are arranged in successive lines in order to portray a word. Poets use this form to dedicate their verses to their loved ones. This form is often used to hint at a specific idea that is interestingly tied with the theme of a poem.

Explore some of the acrostic poems and try to guess the word embedded in the lines without our help.

A Valentine by Edgar Allan Poe

‘A Valentine’ throws a challenge to the readers in the guise of a meticulously formed poem. This poem hints at the name of Edgar Allan Poe’s platonic lover.

London by William Blake

Imagine waking up in London in the 1800s. You might find yourself surrounded by prostitutes, the homeless, and many more suffering in dilapidated housing. These are only a few of the haunting sights William Blake documents in ‘London.’

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