The Beach by Robert Graves

‘The Beach’ by Robert Graves is a poem about the contrast between childhood innocence and an adult mindset. The poem depicts this dichotomy by demonstrating the difference between how a boatman and a group of children interact with the ocean.

The Beach by Robert Graves Visual Representation

My Garden — like the Beach by Emily Dickinson

‘My Garden — like the Beach’ by Emily Dickinson is a beautiful, short poem. It compares the speaker’s garden to the beach and the summer to the sea. Read the full poem, with a complete analysis.

My Garden — like the Beach by Emily Dickinson Visual Representation

I Saw From the Beach by Thomas Moore

‘I Saw From the Beach’ by Thomas Moore is a thoughtful poem. It considers the soul and passion and how the two things change over time as one ages. 

i saw from the beach by thomas moore

Show It At the Beach by Shel Silverstein

‘Show It At the Beach’ by Shel Silverstein addresses taboos in contemporary society. Specifically, the poem considers when nudity is appropriate and when it isn’t (on the beach). 

Show it at the beach by shel silverstein

10 of the Most Beautiful Poems about Beaches

The following list presents 10 beautiful poems that will inspire you about the beauty of the beaches. These poems would help you to see the calm and serene beauty of a beach, through the eyes of different poets.

Best Poems about Beach Visual Representation

The Widening Sky by Edward Hirsch

‘The Widening Sky’ by Edward Hirsch describes a speaker’s emotionally revelatory journey into a darkening seaside landscape. 

A Former Life by Charles Baudelaire

‘A Former Life’ by Charles Baudelaire speaks on a the poet’s own imagination and how his creative works are born there and are at his beck and call. 

There was an Indian by J.C. Squire

‘There was an Indian’ by J.C. Squire describes the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the new world and the reaction of one Native American man. 

The Phantom Horsewoman by Thomas Hardy

‘The Phantom Horsewoman’ by Thomas Hardy describes a man plagued by a reoccurring vision of a lost “horsewoman” throughout every moment of his life.

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold is dramatic monologue lamenting the loss of true Christian faith in England during the mid 1800s.

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold Visual Representation

Clocks by Gillian Clarke

‘Clocks’ by Gillian Clarke is a unique and deep poem that reflects the passage of time and the wonders of growing older.

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