Poems about France

Pour l’amour de ma doulce amye

‘Pour l’amour de ma doulce amye’ or ‘For the love of my sweet lady,’ is a French lyric composed in the 15th century. It is dedicated to a woman the writer loved. 

Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye Visual Representation

On Her Blindness by Adam Thorpe

‘On Her Blindness’ by Adam Thorpe is a loving poem dedicated to the poet’s mother. It explores how lost sight can impact one’s life and the frustration of not being understood.

A Former Life by Charles Baudelaire

‘A Former Life’ by Charles Baudelaire speaks on a the poet’s own imagination and how his creative works are born there and are at his beck and call. 

Zone by Guillaume Apollinaire

‘Zone’ by Guillaume Apollinaire describes a dream-like walk through Paris that spans an entire day, from sunup to sunup.

George by Hilaire Belloc

‘George’ by Hilaire Belloc describes one day in the life of a young boy and the consequences of what should have been a benign action.

The Rights of Women by Anna Lætitia Barbauld

‘The Rights of Women’ by Anna Lætitia Barbauld is a proto-feminist poem that intones the power that a woman might have if she resists social law and rises up to take control over the world.

Historic Evening by Arthur Rimbaud

‘Historic Evening’ is the poem number 32 or 36 in Les Illuminations, depending on the edition and is a prose poem consisting of paragraphs.

Mississipi by Aimé Césaire

‘Mississippi’ by Aimé Césaire depicts the importance of perseverance and strength in the face of any kind of oppression.

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