The Yachts by William Carlos Williams

‘The Yachts’ by William Carlos Williams depicts the winners, or yacht-owners, in the capitalist system and the losers, or the poor, who are drowning in the waters around the boats. 

The Yachts Poem Visual Representation

The Map by Elizabeth Bishop

‘The Map,’ written in 1934, is the signature poem of Elizabeth Bishop that transcends the boundaries of the real and imaginatively inspects the topographical features within a map.

The Map by Elizabeth Bishop Visual Representation

The Sun Has Burst in the Sky by Jenny Joseph

‘The Sun Has Burst The Sky’ by Jenny Joseph uses hyperbolic images of nature to describe a speaker’s love for “you.” They suggest that incredible natural events occur because of the intensity of their love.

The Sun Has Burst the Sky Visual Representation

A Renewal by James Merrill

‘A Renewal’ by James Merrill describes the plight of a speaker who tries to end a relationship but, as soon as they successfully do so, our struck by a violent resurgence of the same love that they had lost.

A Renewal by James Merrill Visual Representation

Air Raid by Chinua Achebe

‘Air Raid’ by Chinua Achebe is a poem that provides a glimpse into the Nigerian/Biafran Civil War using symbolism and dark humor.

Air Raid by Chinua Achebe Visual Representation

A Simile for Her Smile by Richard Wilbur

‘A Simile for Her Smile,’ written by the American poet Richard Wilbur, is a poem about finding the right simile for a loved one’s smile. It appears in Wilbur’s second collection of poetry, Ceremony, and Other Poems (1950).

A Simile for Her Smile by Richard Wilbur Visual Representation

Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter by Robert Bly

Robert Bly’s ‘Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter’ is about a speaker who meditates upon snowy nature while driving to a town to mail his letter. It is filled with rich imagery and striking symbolism.

Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter by Robert Bly Visual Representation

Classic Ballroom Dances by Charles Simic

The Siberian American poet Charles Simic’s ‘Classic Ballroom Dances’ is about how a speaker finds similarities between simple daily activities and the art of dancing.

Classic Ballroom Dances by Charles Simic Visual Representation

What is Poetry? by John Ashbery

‘What is Poetry?’ by John Ashbery is a complex poem about poetry and what exactly it is. It uses Ashbery’s traditional obscure language and meaning. 

What is Poetry? By John Ashbery Visual Representation

The Garden by H.D.

‘The Garden’ by H.D. is a thoughtful poem about oppression. The speaker uses natural imagery in order to depict oppression during her lifetime. 

The Garden by H.D. Visual Representation

Next, Please by Philip Larkin

In classic Philip Larkin style, ‘Next, Please’ is a bleak reflection on life. It explores death and asks the reader to focus on the present while they can.

The Pulley by George Herbert

‘The Pulley’ by George Herbert speaks on one part of the Christian creation story in which God chose to imbue humanity with blessings.

Died.. by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

‘Died..’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning explores the impact of a man’s death while also exploring the immorality of passing judgements, good or bad.

May by Christina Rossetti

‘May’ by Christina Rossetti describes an unknown, now finished, event a speaker experienced in the warm, young and pleasant month of May.

Rain by Don Paterson

‘Rain’ by Don Paterson describes the way that rain acts as an equalizing force capable of washing away one’s concern for the past. 

Venus of the Louvre by Emma Lazarus

‘Venus of the Louvre’ by Emma Lazarus describes the sights seen and emotions experienced by a narrator who is visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 

Constancy by Joseph Brodsky

‘Constancy’ by Joseph Brodsky describes what it means to change over time, specially when moving from one’s own home to another wholly unknown environment. 

Every Day You Play by Pablo Neruda 

‘Every Day You Play’ by Pablo Neruda describes the overwhelming love a speaker has for the listener and the way his life is improved by their relationship. 

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