Parade’s End by Daljit Nagra

‘Parade’s End’ was published in the British poet Daljit Nagra’s debut collection “Look We Have Coming to Dover!” published in 2007. This poem taps on the themes of racism and the suffering of Asian immigrants in the UK in the 20th century.

Parade’s End by Daljit Nagra Visual Representation

Muliebrity by Sujata Bhatt

‘Muliebrity’ by Sujata Bhatt describes a young girl in India who spends her days picking up cow-dung, and the inherent “glistening” power she has. 

An Unknown Girl by Moniza Alvi

‘An Unknown Girl’ by Moniza Alvi is a free verse poem that describes the intense connection between an “unknown girl,” a bazaar, and Indian culture.

Father Returning Home by Dilip Chitre

‘Father Returning Home’ by Dilip Chitre expresses the generational separation between a “father” and “children” through vivid visuals.

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