Poems about Jesus

[Buffalo Bill ‘s] by E. E. Cummings

E. Cummings’ free-verse poem ‘[Buffalo Bill ’s]’ taps on the popular theme of the inevitability of death. It includes a civil, indifferent depiction of death.

[Buffalo Bill 's] by E. E. Cummings Visual Representation

Looking for Judas by Adrian C. Louis

Adrian C. Louis’ ‘Looking for Judas’ is about how the Christian religion played a pivotal role in order to conquer the Native American people. This piece revolves around the central image of “blood.”

Looking for Judas by Adrian C. Louis Visual Representation

10 Touching Poems about Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ remained the inspiration to several poets from as early as the middle age to modern times. The list explores ten different ways to explore Christ in poetic form.

Best Poems about Jesus Christ Visual Representation

The Lamb by William Blake

‘The Lamb’ by William Blake was included in The Songs of Innocence published in 1789. It is regarded “as one of the great lyrics of English Literature.”

Jerusalem: And did those feet in ancient time by William Blake

‘Jerusalem’ is a famous, prophetic, melancholic, and classic poem, penned by maestro William Blake in 1804. It may seem like a patriotic poem, yet it’s misleading, adding to the irony is the fact that it’s an unofficial national anthem of England.

Jerusalem by William Blake Visual Representation

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