Poems about Music

Pour l’amour de ma doulce amye

‘Pour l’amour de ma doulce amye’ or ‘For the love of my sweet lady,’ is a French lyric composed in the 15th century. It is dedicated to a woman the writer loved. 

Pour l'amour de ma doulce amye Visual Representation

DEAD by Kanye West

‘DEAD’ by Kanye West addresses feelings of alienation and isolation. Specifically, those surrounding the writer’s relationship with his now ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

DEAD by Kanye West Visual Representation

The Man with the Saxophone by Ai

‘The Man with the Saxophone’ by Ai contains a description of a lonely, quiet New York street and the moments of happiness the narrator experiences while listening to music.

The Man with the Saxophone by Ai Visual Representation

Dream Boogie by Langston Hughes

‘Dream Boogie’ by Langston Hughes is a poem about jazz, creativity, and the oppression of Black Americans. It was written during the Harlem Renaissance. 

Dream Boogie by Langston Hughes

Recital by John Updike

‘Recital’ by John Updike is a poetic tribute to Roger Bobo, an American tuba virtuoso and brass pedagogue. This poem captures the popularity of Bobo’s tuba playing skills.

Recital by John Updike Visual Representation

Fiddler Jones by Edgar Lee Masters

Masters’ ‘Fiddler Jones’ highlights how following one’s passion, no matter what it is, is always worthwhile and helps lead a life without any regrets. As the title says, this poem is about a wayward fiddler devoted to his passion.

Fiddler Jones by Edgar Lee Masters Visual Representation

Love Songs In Age by Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin explores the immense power in ‘Love Songs In Age,’ and how reality can never fulfill the potential they promise us.

Love Songs in Age by Philip Larkin Visual Representation

A Fairy Song by William Shakespeare

‘A Fairy Song’ by William Shakespeare features in the well-loved play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s sung by a fairy and describes their work.

a fairy song by william shakespeare

Everywhere Is Out of Town by Kevin Young

‘Everywhere Is Out of Town’ is a poetic tribute to The James Brown band, popularly knows as the J.B.’s. The poem was first published in a poetry journal in 1993.

Everywhere Is Out of Town by Kevin Young Visual Representation

The Harlem Dancer by Claude McKay

‘The Harlem Dancer’ by Claude McKay is a thoughtful poem about a dancer’s inner life. It speaks on the duality of what people see and what people experience.

The harlem dancer by claude mckay

The Day Lady Died by Frank O’Hara

Frank O’Hara wrote ‘The Day Lady Died’ in memory of the jazz singer Billie Holiday. She passed away from complications due to liver diseases in July 1959.

Music I Heard by Conrad Aiken

‘Music I Heard’ by Conrad Aiken describes the irreparably changed world of a speaker who has lost his lover but not the most poignant of his memories.

Hours by Hazel Hall

‘Hours’ by Hazel Hall describes how a speaker experinces hours which are like “cities,” “forbidden music” and “mellow” in tone.

The Vampire by Conrad Aiken

‘The Vampire’  by Conrad Aiken describes the coming of a great evil and the choices made by men in the midst of unspeakable darkness.

The Myth of Music by Rachel M. Harper

‘The Myth of Music’ by Rachel M. Harper describes the mythical power of music and its ability convey one’s generational and familial relationships. 

A Minor Poet by Stephen Vincent Benét

‘A Minor Poet’ by Stephen Vincent Benét describes the speaker’s beliefs about his own work and how it compares to the work of the world’s greatest writers. 

Musician by Gillian Clarke

‘Musician’ by Gillian Clarke is a poem about her son learning to play the piano, where the imagery around the home aids to describe the creativity of music.

Piano by D.H. Lawrence

‘Piano’ by D.H. Lawrence is a powerful and emotional poem about the past. It uses childhood memories and nostalgia to move the reader.

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