Poems about the Sea

The Yachts by William Carlos Williams

‘The Yachts’ by William Carlos Williams depicts the winners, or yacht-owners, in the capitalist system and the losers, or the poor, who are drowning in the waters around the boats. 

The Yachts Poem Visual Representation

Credo by Robinson Jeffers

‘Credo’ by Robinson Jeffers is a powerful poem that asserts the poet’s beliefs about humanity’s connection to the natural world and explores how they contrast with the main tenants of Transcendentalism.

Credo by Robinson Jeffer Visual Representation

The Map by Elizabeth Bishop

‘The Map,’ written in 1934, is the signature poem of Elizabeth Bishop that transcends the boundaries of the real and imaginatively inspects the topographical features within a map.

The Map by Elizabeth Bishop Visual Representation

The Chambered Nautilus by Oliver Wendell Holmes

‘The Chambered Nautilus’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes is an interesting and beautiful poem. In it, the poet describes the nautilus and the life of struggle and improvement it engages in.

The Chambered Nautilus by Oliver Wendell Holmes Visual Representation

Traveling Light by Alice Fulton

‘Traveling Light’ by Alice Fulton is a powerful poem that weaves together images of the present and the past. Throughout, readers can explore Fulton’s understanding of her relationship with her father and her current relationship with the landscape around her.

Traveling Light by Alice Fulton Visual Representation

Waking from Sleep by Robert Bly

Robert Bly’s ‘Waking from Sleep’ is a symbolic poem about the awakening from the deep slumber of ignorance and thralldom. It evokes the imagery of a “harbor at dawn” in order to present this theme.

Waking from Sleep by Robert Bly Visual Representation

Nocturne: Blue Waves by Laurie Sheck

‘Nocturne: Blue Waves’ was written by the modern American poet Laurie Sheck. This poem captures a speaker’s feelings in the nocturnal brokenness.

Nocturne Blue Waves by Laurie Sheck Visual Representation

Subway Wind by Claude McKay

‘Subway Wind’ by Claude McKay is a beautiful and tragic poem. In it, the speaker describes a trapped city wind longing for the freedom of the seaside. 

Subway Wind by Claude McKay Visual Representation

My Garden — like the Beach by Emily Dickinson

‘My Garden — like the Beach’ by Emily Dickinson is a beautiful, short poem. It compares the speaker’s garden to the beach and the summer to the sea. Read the full poem, with a complete analysis.

My Garden — like the Beach by Emily Dickinson Visual Representation

I Saw From the Beach by Thomas Moore

‘I Saw From the Beach’ by Thomas Moore is a thoughtful poem. It considers the soul and passion and how the two things change over time as one ages. 

i saw from the beach by thomas moore

Meteor Shower by Michael Dylan Welch

‘Meteor Shower’ by Michael Dylan Welch is a three-line haiku that explores a moment on this seashore. The speaker is watching a meteor shower with someone else.

meteor shower by michael dylan welch

Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea

‘Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea’ is a traditional English folk song and nursery rhyme. It describes a speaker’s longing for her love, Bobby Shafto, who is out on a sea voyage.

Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea

10 of the Most Beautiful Poems about Beaches

The following list presents 10 beautiful poems that will inspire you about the beauty of the beaches. These poems would help you to see the calm and serene beauty of a beach, through the eyes of different poets.

Best Poems about Beach Visual Representation

The Climate by Annelyse Gelman

‘The Climate’ by Annelyse Gelman is a powerful piece about the climate crisis. It is seen through an approaching wave and metaphorical beachgoers’ negligence.

the climate by annelyse gelman

Circe by Carol Ann Duffy

‘Circe’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem about Circe’s reassertion of control over her life and how she now considers men. 

On the Beach by Anne Ranasinghe

‘On the Beach’ by Anne Ranasinghe is a dark and disturbing poem in which the poet explores sadism through the narrative of a dog’s fate at the beach.

Sand Between the Toes by A.A. Milne

‘Sand Between the Toes’ by A.A. Milne is an upbeat poem. It focuses on a perfect day on the beach and uses characters from Milne’s Winnie the Pooh novels.

Sea of Death by Thomas Hood

‘Sea of Death’ by Thomas Hood  describes the nature of the sea of death as seen through the eyes of an observer, anchored in a boat. 

The Sign-Post by Edward Thomas

‘The Sign-Post’ by Edward Thomas contains a discussion within a speaker’s mind about the progression of time and the nature of Heaven. 

Me Imperturbe by Walt Whitman

‘Me Imperturbe’ by Walt Whitman describes a speaker’s dedication to maintaining his mental and emotional state in the face of varying challenges.

A Memory by Lola Ridge

‘A Memory’ by Lola Ridge describes a speaker’s memories of a specific emotional night she spent with the listener on the shore of a tropic sea.

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