The Man with the Saxophone by Ai

‘The Man with the Saxophone’ by Ai contains a description of a lonely, quiet New York street and the moments of happiness the narrator experiences while listening to music.

The Man with the Saxophone by Ai Visual Representation

The Mountain by Elizabeth Bishop

‘The Mountain’ by Elizabeth Bishop is a poem portraying the transience of nature and life from the viewpoint of a personified mountain.

The Mountain by Elizabeth Bishop Visual Representation

Traveling through the Dark by William Stafford

‘Traveling through the Dark’ by William Stafford is a powerful poem about life, death, and nature. The lines depict someone’s choices in regard to a dead, pregnant doe he finds on the side of the road.

Traveling through the Dark by William Stafford Visual Representation

Bereft by Robert Frost

‘Bereft’ by Robert Frost is a beautiful poem that exemplifies a speaker’s loneliness. He uses natural imagery to depict the changes in his life and how he feels about the world. 

Bereft by Robert Frost Visual Representation

Sonnet 149 by William Shakespeare

‘Sonnet 149,’ also known as ‘Canst thou, O cruel! say I love thee not,’ is about the speaker’s love and lust for the Dark Lady. His interest in her has evolved into an obsession that controls his life.

sonnet 149 by william shakespeare visual representation

Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

‘Solitude’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox describes the connection between one’s outlook on life and the friends and community one attracts. 

The Listeners by Walter de la Mare

‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare describes the actions of a Traveller who knocks at the door of a seemingly deserted home at night. 

The Rhodora by Ralph Waldo Emerson 

‘The Rhodora’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson describes the power of a rhododendron flower and its ability to outshine and the improve all the elements around it. 

Facing It by Yusef Komunyakaa

‘Facing It’ by Yusef Komunyakaa speaks of one man’s reaction to seeing the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Tonight by Ladan Osman

Tonight by Ladan Osman is a poem that focuses on a very unsubstantial moment in the narrator’s life, but that simplicity is quite deceiving since more is being covered within the poem’s lines than just the physical happenings.

A Dream of Death by William Butler Yeats

‘A Dream of Death’ is a poem about one such dream that uses strong imagery to build an image that is touching both with and without its historic context.

Animal Tranquility and Decay by William Wordsworth

This fascinating poem, ‘Animal Tranquility and Decay,’ by William Wordsworth depicts an old man who walks in peace and tranquility. He seems to walk aloof from the cares and concerns of this world.

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