Poems about a Wife

Mementos, 1 by W. D. Snodgrass

William DeWitt (W. D.) Snodgrass’s personal piece ‘Mementos, 1’ is about the discovery of an old photograph of the speaker’s divorced wife and the stream of memories that came with it.

Mementos, 1 by W. D. Snodgrass Visual Representation

Complaint by James Wright

‘Complaint’ is one of the early poems of James Wright with a conventional form and meter. This poem is about a rural folk’s dissatisfaction with her dead wife’s absence.

Complaint by James Wright Visual Representation

The Wedding by Moniza Alvi

‘The Wedding’ by Moniza Alvi depicts a wedding ceremony and a bride’s apprehensive approach to her new home in England and her new English family. 

The Wedding by Moniza Alvi Visual Representation

The Pride of Lions by Joanna Preston

‘The Pride of Lions’ by Joanna Preston describes what happens after a speaker’s husband is transformed into a lion. It presents a message about what relationships require in order to be successful.

The Pride of Lions by Joanna Preston Visual Representation

The Laboratory by Robert Browning

‘The Laboratory’ is one of Browning’s most popular dramatic monologues in which we discover the evil schemings of a spurned wife, plotting the demise of her rival.

Marrysong by Dennis Scott

‘Marrysong’ by Dennis Scott describes the relationship between a husband and wife whose relationship is constantly shifting.

To an army wife, in Sardis by Sappho

‘To an army wife, in Sardis’ by Sappho describes the power that the thing one loves has over the forward momentum of one’s life and the world at large. 

Stabat Mater by Sam Hunt

‘Stabat Mater’ by Sam Hunt is commentary on the complexities of time that can take a person from weak and timid, to strong and capable, and back to weak and timid.

Her Husband by Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes’ poem ‘Her Husband’ is a spiteful poem reflecting on the paradoxical situation many married couples often face; being in a marriage with another person but having lost all love and compassion between each other.

The Stone Age by Kamala Das

In ‘The Stone Age’ by Kamala Das, a frustrated speaker blames her husband for ruining her life by his unappeasable lust. This poem is addressed to the husband in a satirical manner.

Home Burial by Robert Frost

‘Home Burial’ by Robert Frost is an incredibly sad poem. Frost depicts a mother grieving for her deceased son and her broader conflicts with her husband.

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