Why Flowers Change Color by Robert Herrick

‘Why Flowers Change Color’ by Robert Herrick is a short poem that speaks about virginity, virgins, and the reason that flowers change colors. The poem is often interpreted in different ways due to the few details Herrick provides in the four lines. 

Why Flowers Change Colors by Robert Herrick Visual Representation

The Mechanic by Diane Wakoski

‘The Mechanic’ by Diane Wakoski discusses men’s intuitive powers and the complexity of women’s hearts. The poet uses an extended metaphor comparing men to mechanics and women to the complex engines of cars. 

The Mechanic by Diane Wakoski Visual Representation

The Yellow Dot by Robert Bly

‘The Yellow Dot,’ written in remembrance of poet Jane Kenyon, is about the inevitability of death and God’s despotic ruling over humankind. It was published in Robert Bly’s best-known collection, Morning Poems (1997).

The Yellow Dot by Robert Bly Visual Representation

The Window by Diane di Prima

‘The Window,’ an interesting poem is written by the Beat poet Diane di Prima, compares poetry to a “window” to a writer’s soul. It showcases how poetry captures the very essence of the poet and her thoughts.

The Window by Diane di Prima Visual Representation

On a Certain Lady at Court by Alexander Pope

Written in 1717, Pope’s ‘On a Certain Lady at Court’ is about Catharine Howard, one of the waiting-women of Queen Caroline and a mistress to George II. Pope satirizes the lady’s qualities as she rejects his genuine love.

On a Certain Lady at Court by Alexander Pope Visual Representation

We Are At War by Gcina Mhlope

‘We Are At War’ by Gcina Mhlope is a rallying cry for women to stand up to their oppressors across the African continent.

Recognition by Carol Ann Duffy 

‘Recognition’ by Carol Ann Duffy describes the regrets one woman has for the way her life has progressed and the person she has become. 

In Westminster Abbey by John Betjeman

‘In Westminster Abbey’ is a satirical dramatic monologue in which Betjeman sends up the upper classes for their preoccupations with class and money.

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