Tatamkhulu Afrika Poems

Tatamkhulu Afrika, born Ismail Joubert, was a South African poet whose first novel was published when he was 17 years old. Between this first book, Broken Earth, and his subsequent collections, 50 years elapsed. Throughout his lifetime, he won several literary awards, including the Molteno Award for lifetime services to South African literature.

Nothing’s Changed

by Tatamkhulu Afrika

The poem, ‘Nothing’s Changed’ by Tatmkhulu Afrika, talks about the rampant apartheid system in District Six near Cape Town in South Africa, and explores racism.

Tatamkhulu Afrika was a South African poet known for his poignant and socially conscious poetry. His works, like this unforgettable piece of poetry, often shed light on the experiences of the marginalized and address the issues of race and identity. This poem reflects his personal experiences and observations, offering a powerful voice against oppression.

Small round hard stones click

under my heels,

seeding grasses thrust

bearded seeds

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