Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes was born Edward James Hughes in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire in August of 1930. His parents were William Henry and Edith Hughes who raised him among the farms of the Calder Valley and surrounding moorland. Read more about Ted Hughes.

Big Poppy

‘Big Poppy’ speak of what happens when a Poppy in its full bloom and a bumblebee meet in Ted Hughes’s usual style of writing.

Big Poppy by Ted Hughes Visual Representation

Her Husband

Ted Hughes’ poem ‘Her Husband’ is a spiteful poem reflecting on the paradoxical situation many married couples often face; being in a marriage with another person but having lost all love and compassion between each other.


‘Lovesong’ by Ted Hughes is a six stanza poem that is separated into uneven sets of lines. The text is framed by two-line couplets that contain increasingly longs verses towards the third stanza. 


‘September’ by Ted Hughes is a moving poem that touches on a troubled and important relationship.

The Thought-Fox

’The Thought-Fox’ by Ted Hughes is a creative poem that uses the symbol of a fox, and its quick, fleeting movements, to represent a writer’s muse.

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