Celebration Poems

Indian Weavers

by Sarojini Naidu

‘Indian Weavers’ explores the inevitability of death while celebrating the cycles of human existence and experience.

The poem celebrates the variety and vibrancy of human life, from birth until death

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

by Tupac Shakur

‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’ is a moving celebration of personal resolve against the backdrop of oppressive forces.

The poem goes to great lengths to celebrate the rose for its qualities and ability to survive in its harsh conditions.

Peckham Rye Lane

by Amy Blakemore
The poem is a celebration of modern London, which might seem chaotic and overwhelming but can also be affirming and regenerative.

Love of Country

by Sir Walter Scott

‘Love of Country’ presents a world in which patriotism is the most important virtue of all and the lack of it is unforgivable.

The poem is both a celebration of one's nation and a warning to those who, in the eyes of the narrator, fail to celebrate it.

Latin & Soul

by Victor Hernández Cruz

‘Latin & Soul’ by Victor Hernández Cruz conveys the sublimely affecting power of music on a group of dancers.

The poem is focused on a group of people dancing to music, a scene of celebration that Cruz makes all the more vivid by imbuing it with imagery and figurative language.

Apostrophe to the Ocean

by Lord Byron

‘Apostrophe to the Ocean’ by Lord Byron is an excerpt from Byron’s long, epic poem ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.’ The excerpt includes seven stanzas from the poem, starting with stanza CLXXVIII, or 178, and ending with stanza 184. 

Throughout this verse, the poet celebrates the power of the ocean and, closer to the end of the poem, the power of God. He admires the ocean's strength and timelessness while fearing its ability to easily destroy life.


by Frank O’Hara

‘Steps’ by Frank O’Hara is one of the poet’s many pieces that explores life in New York City. It is written in his characteristic style and is filled with allusions that are sometimes hard to interpret. 

More than anything, this poem comes across as a celebration of life. The poet uses his personal experiences in New York City to fuel the reader's understanding of life's ups (and downs).

The Hill We Climb

by Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman’s poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ is a moving depiction of the United States as it was on the cusp of President Biden’s inauguration in 2021. 

One of the main themes of this poem is the celebration of the American way of life, and promising future America has if its people can come together and accept one another's differences.

America For Me

by Henry van Dyke

‘America For Me’ by Henry Van Dyke is a passionate, patriotic poem about America. It celebrates how different the United States is from Europe. 

Celebration of the United States and all the speaker believes the country stands for is an important part of this poem. The speaker appreciates everything about America and wants to live there for the rest of his life.

God Save the Flag

by Oliver Wendell Holmes

‘God Save the Flag’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes is a simple, optimistic, and passionate poem in which the speaker emphatically delivers his opinion on the United States. 

At its heart, this poem celebrates the American way of life and all that the American flag stands for. The speaker's opinion is shared by many, making this poem highly relevant.

Parades, Parades

by Derek Walcott

‘Parades, Parades’ by Derek Walcott is an interesting, allusion-filled poem that discusses Saint Lucia after the end of British colonial rule. 

This poem features a celebration but Walcott questions whether it's truly justified.


by Amanda Gorman

‘Memorial’ by Amanda Gorman is a poem about the past and how poets are able to use their writing to help readers relive it.

This poem celebrates writing and poets' skill to convey images of the past and bring them into the present.

New Day’s Lyric

by Amanda Gorman

‘New Day’s Lyric’ by Amanda Gorman is poem written at the end of 2021 in order to usher in a more hopeful new year in 2022. The piece explores themes of hope and change. 

One of the main parts of this piece is the poet's celebration of the new year and the changes it represents. She uses the new year as a symbol for larger, more sweeping changes.

Dear Basketball

by Kobe Bryant

‘Dear Basketball’ by Kobe Bryant depicts the poet’s love for the sport. He expresses his appreciation for basketball and how it made him into the person he became.

Throughout this poem, the poet celebrates his time playing basketball and all he learned from the sport. He cares deeply about basketball and what it can do for future players.

In This Place (An American Lyric)

by Amanda Gorman

‘In This Place (An American Lyric)’ is a moving poem about American life and the tragedies, acts of bravery, and hope that shape the nation. 

Celebration of the American people and the American way of life is very common in Gorman's verse. Although this poem is not entirely occupied with celebration, it does feature praise for everyday people and the diversity of the country.

Jest ‘Fore Christmas

by Eugene Field

‘Jest ‘Fore Christmas’ is a humorous, five-stanza poem that’s written from the perspective of a young boy looking forward to Christmas.

Throughout this poem, the speaker celebrates the clever nature of his behavior and how he's been able to get away with his misbehavior and still get Christmas presents.

The Flag Goes By

by Henry Holcomb Bennett

‘The Flag Goes By’ by Henry Holcomb Bennett is a patriotic American poem that focuses on the symbolism of the American flag. It encourages those reading to respect the flag as a symbol. 

This poem's main theme is the celebration of the United States and the country's history, inspired by the passing of the American flag during a parade or other patriotic event.

We Rise

by Amanda Gorman

‘We Rise’ by Amanda Gorman is a beautiful and inspirational poem that explores women’s power. The poet emphasizes how important it is for women to raise each other and ensure everyone has a voice. 

In part, this poem is a celebration of women's power. It taps into highly relatable themes and uses uplifting and positive language to describe how strong women are and how they can unite to make life better for one another.

A drop fell on the apple tree

by Emily Dickinson

‘A drop fell on the apple tree’ by Emily Dickinson is filled with joy. It describes, with Dickinson’s classic skill, images of the summer season and how a storm can influence it.

A Murmur in the Trees— to note

by Emily Dickinson

‘A Murmur in the Trees— to note’ by Emily Dickinson is a poem about nature’s magic. It includes mysterious images of fairy men, glowing lights in the woods, and the murmuring of trees. 

A still— Volcano —Life

by Emily Dickinson

‘A still— Volcano —Life’ by Emily Dickinson is an unforgettable poem that uses an extended metaphor to describe the life of the poet. She compares herself to a volcano that erupts under the cover of darkness.

Breaking the Surface

by Jean Bleakney

‘Breaking the Surface’ by Jean Bleakney is about the “art of skimming,” an extended metaphor for the art of writing poetry.

Floral Tribute

by Simon Armitage

‘Floral Tribute’ by Simon Armitage uses symbolism to relate flowers and the British landscape to Queen Elizabeth’s reign and death in 2022.

For the Fallen

by Laurence Binyon

‘For the Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon is a beautiful and powerful war poem. It addresses the losses England suffered in World War I while celebrating the soldier’s patriotism and bravery.

Full Moon and Little Frieda

by Ted Hughes

In ‘Full Moon and Little Frieda,’ Ted Hughes describes his daughter’s observations of the world around her, reflecting on nature and family.

Going for Water

by Robert Frost

‘Going for Water’ by Robert Frost depicts a simple errand in joyful, uplifting language. The poem suggests that any task, no matter how annoying, can be enjoyed if one is outside. 

Holy Thursday (Songs of Experience)

by William Blake

‘Holy Thursday’ by William Blake depicts the poor children of London attending church on Holy Thursday. Specifically, Blake describes their songs, appearance, and how their existence challenges the message the church is trying to convey.

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