Thomas Campion Poems

Thomas Champion was an English poet born in 1567. He is well regarded for the musical quality of his poetry and its broader influence on the English Renaissance. He produced incredible complete songs that have endured for centuries. Read more about Thomas Campion.

Advice to a Girl

by Thomas Campion

Thomas Campion’s ‘Advice to a Girl’ is a piece of advice dedicated to 17th-century women regarding men’s nature and follies. It highlights some negative aspects in men that women should know before loving them.

Rose-Cheeked Laura

by Thomas Campion

‘Rose-Cheeked Laura’ by Thomas Campion describes a speaker’s idealized image of what love should be and how one woman personifies that love. 

There is a Garden in Her Face

by Thomas Campion

‘There is a Garden in Her Face’ by Thomas Campion is a poem about a woman’s beauty. It also contains a warning to suitors that she won’t let anyone kiss her or come near her in any meaningful way. 

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