Toi Derricotte Poems

Toi Derricotte is an American poet who was born in 1941. She is best known for her poetry books, including The Empress of the Death House and Captivity. She has won numerous literary awards throughout her career and imbued her work with her personal experience.

Aerial Photograph Before the Atomic Bomb

by Toi Derricotte

‘Aerial Photograph Before the Atomic Bomb’ by Toi Derricotte reflects on the impact of witnessing the devastating events of Hiroshima through a photograph. 

Toi Derricotte's poetry offers a unique and personal perspective on various subjects, including those explored in 'Aerial Photograph Before the Atomic Bomb.' Her poetry often delves into the complexities of human experiences and confronts challenging themes. In this particular poem, Derricotte engages with the horrors of war and the destructive power of violence. This is a great example of her verse.

Why did such terrible events

catch my eye? After Hiroshima,

I turned the picture in Life around

in circles, trying to figure out this huge

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