Trumbull Stickney Poems

Trumbull Stickney was a Swiss poet born in 1875. He died at a young age, but his unique poetry helped to inspire a generation of writers. His volumes of verse include Dramatic Verses, which was inspired by his time in Paris. Read more about Trumbull Stickney.

Leave him now Quiet by the Way

by Trumbull Stickney

‘Leave him now Quiet by the Way’ by Trumbull Stickney is a complex poem that imparts a deeply devastating revelation about another man’s despair.

This poem by Trumbull Stickney reveals the powerful and potent poignancy at the heart of many of his poems. But it also underscores the reason he was favored and celebrated by later modernist poets like W. H. Auden. This poem is particularly effective at expressing both empathy and a lucid commentary on the existential crises of life.

Leave him now quiet by the way

To rest apart.

I know what draws him to the dust alway

And churns him in the builder’s lime:


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