Undefined Poet Poems

Poems placed here typically are hard to find the name of the poet who produced the work.


by Undefined Poet

‘Cynthia’ is a humorous example of slam poetry from the comedy movie ’22 Jump Street.’ It is performed by Jonah Hill’s character, Morton Schmidt, on stage. 

Minecraft End Poem

by Undefined Poet

The Minecraft end poem features an important quote, written by Horace Jackson Brown Jr. that encourages users to explore life to the fullest.

The Dream of the Rood

by Undefined Poet

‘The Dream of the Rood’ is an Old English poem that belongs to the genre of dream poetry. How the cross felt during the crucifixion of Christ, is the theme of this verse.

The Heart Block Poem

by Undefined Poet

‘The Heart Block Poem’ is a short, four-line poem that was written in order to help medical students and medical professionals remember the degrees of heart blocks.

The View From Halfway Down (Bojack Horseman)

by Undefined Poet

‘The View From Halfway Down’ is a short poem included in an episode of Bojack Horseman. It provides readers with a unique insight into the mind of someone who is moments from his death and experiences an intense regret for his choice to end his life.

Waiting at the Door (Dog Poem)

by Undefined Poet

‘Waiting at the Door’ is a poem told from the perspective of a loving dog addressing its still living owner. The dog reassures the owner that they will be together again in the future. 

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