Vikram Seth Poems

Vikram Seth is a contemporary Indian novelist and poet. Throughout his career, he has received a wide variety of prestigious literary awards and is considered to be one of the most important Indian poets working in his country. His best-known works include The Golden Gate and A Suitable Boy.


by Vikram Seth

In ‘Mistaken’ Seth explores themes of relationships and identity. He paints a picture of an unknown speaker and a listener


by Vikram Seth

‘Sit’ is a fairly straightforward poem. The syntax and vocabulary make the poem easy and pleasurable to read. Plus, these


by Vikram Seth

‘Soon’ by Vikram Seth is a seven stanza poem that is made up of sets of four lines, known as

The Tale of Melon City

by Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth’s famous work, ‘The Tale of Melon City,’ is well-known for being a humorous and almost child-like poem in the uniquely ridiculous nature of its story.

The Wind

by Vikram Seth

In ‘The Wind’ Seth explores themes of struggle, the human condition, and solitude. The poem begins and ends swiftly with

What’s in it?

by Vikram Seth

In ‘What’s in it?’ Seth delves into themes of love, obsession, and longing. The poems told from the perspective of

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