W. D. Snodgrass Poems

W. D. (William DeWitt) Snodgrass was an American poet and winner of the 1960 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He was a prolific writer, publishing over thirty books of poetry and translations in his lifetime.

Leaving the Motel

by W. D. Snodgrass

‘Leaving the Motel’ reflects on the impermanence of human experiences, urging readers to embrace transience and let go of attachments.

The poem 'Leaving the Motel' resonates with W.D. Snodgrass' other poems. It showcases several recurring themes and stylistic elements found in his body of work, such as introspection, the exploration of personal emotions, and the use of vivid imagery to convey a deeper meaning. The poem's focus on the human experience aligns with Snodgrass' overall thematic concerns and contributes to his reputation as a poet of introspection and emotional depth.

Outside, the last kids holler

Near the pool: they’ll stay the night.

Pick up the towels; fold your collar

Out of sight.