Walter de la Mare

Walter de la Mare

Walter de la Mare was born in April 1873 in England. His poetry has been praised for its consideration of themes like dreams and complex states of mind. His work is sometimes compared to that of Thomas Hardy or William Blake. Read more about Walter de la Mare.

All But Blind

‘All But Blind’, a poem written by the English poet Walter de la Mare, is image-rich and symbolic in meaning. This poem talks about the inner blindness of humans.


Walter de la Mare’s poem ‘Good-bye’ illustrates the impact of the “last of last words” with the help of vivid, pessimistic imagery. It’s all about one’s emotional distress caused by a heart-wrenching “Goodbye.”

Some One

‘Some One’ by Walter de La Mare tells of a mysterious visitor to a cabin in the woods in the middle of the night. 

The Listeners

‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare describes the actions of a Traveller who knocks at the door of a seemingly deserted home at night. 


‘Winter’ by Walter de la Mare tells of the stark beauty of the winter months and how the constellations look down upon the cold earth.

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