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All Poetry is a poetry database that offers poems on a variety of topics from well-known and amateur writers. 

Lovers of poetry can browse categories like “Coronavirus,” “Spiritual,” “Teen,” and “LGBTQ.” Poems in these categories might be written by poets found in other databases or by those who have created a profile on the website and are seeking to share their work with new readers. Readers can also browse via the poet’s name and explore the sidebar, which includes a featured poet and poem. Trending topics and pieces of verse can also be found there, along with advertisements for books of poetry. 

Readers who find new poets they enjoy can “follow” them, getting updates when new pieces of poetry are added to the site. Unlike on some database-style websites, All Poetry offers visitors the chance to comment on the poems included. The community often shares their opinions of specific pieces and offers interpretations of what they think the works are about. It’s free to join All Poetry, although they do offer Gold Memberships that require purchase. 

When speaking about their resources, All Poetry describes their website as “the web’s largest poetry writing group,” including beginners and experts. The website helps writers improve their poetry, gain fans, and explore work that should serve as inspiration.


What Does Poem Analysis Offer? 

Poem Analysis is a different kind of poetry database, offering poetic texts as well as analyses by the website’s expert writers. These analyses provide readers, and especially students, the information they need to better understand the poem’s literary devices, and it’s line-by-line breakdown. These articles also include information about the poet, such as their personal and historical contexts. On the website, readers will also find articles about idioms, nursery rhymes, and more than 100 literary devices with examples. 

The poets on Poem Analysis range from the best-known writers of all time, in multiple languages, as well as poets who feature new syllabuses and are just developing their reputations in the literary world. In addition to these resources, students, and lovers of literature, in general, can also find information on novels and their authors on Book Analysis. Such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 

Plus, these resources are all free to users worldwide. Poem Analysis believes in free education as well as giving back. This is why Poem Analysis donates monthly to Alzheimer’s research.

Emma Baldwin Poetry Expert
Emma graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in English, minor in Creative Writing, BFA in Fine Art, and BA in Art Histories. Literature is one of her greatest passions which she pursues through analyzing poetry on Poem Analysis.

2 thoughts on “All Poetry”

  1. I like Americans.
    They are so unlike Canadians.
    They do not take their policemen seriously.
    They come to Montreal to drink.
    Not to criticize.
    They claim they won the war. By
    But they know at heart that they didn’t.
    They have such respect for Englishmen.
    They like to live abroad.
    They do not brag about how they take baths.
    But they take them.
    Their teeth are so good.
    And they wear B.V.D.’s all the year round.
    I wish they didn’t brag about it.
    They have the second best navy in the world.
    But they never mention it.
    They would like to have Henry Ford for president.
    But they will not elect him.
    They saw through Bill Bryan.
    They have gotten tired of Billy Sunday.
    Their men have such funny hair cuts.
    They are hard to suck in on Europe.
    They have been there once.
    They produced Barney Google, Mutt and Jeff.
    And Jiggs.
    They do not hang lady murderers.
    They put them in vaudeville.
    They read the Saturday Evening Post
    And believe in Santa Claus.
    When they make money
    They make a lot of money.
    They are fine people.


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