CliffsNotes defines itself as the “original” and “most widely imitated” study guide.

Their guides are written by teachers and professors that cover a wide array of topics. Their guides are meant as study aids to help students better understand what they’ve read. The website suggests that students read a chapter in a book or an act in a play and then read the CliffNotes summary.

CliffsNotes also has a dedicated section to help students study for the SAT or AP. They have some free articles, as well as a paid section of their website, books, and tools, that are meant to make these tests easier to prepare for.

The website and its resources are also accessible from a mobile app in which they market CramCast, brief audio overviews of classic works of literature. The app also contains paid quizzes, study plans, and summaries.


What Does CliffsNotes Offer?

On the CliffsNotes website, users can find free articles. These cover topics like writing and grammar, math, science, history, literature, and more. On the literature section of their website, students can search by title or by the author to find the guide they’re looking for. Some of their most popular articles are on 1984, Macbeth, and Into the Wild. There are around 300 total literature articles on their website.

On one study guide, web users will find summaries of chapters, characters, themes, symbols, and information about the author. There are also quizzes and tips to help the likes of students study a particular book or play. In regard to poetry, CliffsNotes offers fewer articles, but there are documents that explain how to analyze poetry and offer information about some of the best-known and most commonly studied poems and poets, like Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost.


What Does Poem Analysis Offer?

On Poem Analysis, users have access to 3,430 articles that break down poetry into understandable parts. In each article, web users will easily find information on the poet, the literary devices used in composing the poem, the structure, and form of the poem, a summary, and a line by line analysis. Poem Analysis also features articles on individual poets, their biographies, most famous works, and even lists of their top ten best poems. At a glance, users can easily understand who a poet was and why they’re important.

Additionally, while CliffsNotes and other similar websites require a paid subscription to access all their content, Poem Analysis does not. Everything on the Poem Analysis website is free for all students no matter where they are in the world. Users will also find that Poem Analysis provides access to their experts through the comments section of each article. If there’s something that you didn’t understand about a particular poem, an expert will provide you with a quick answer.

What more, the Poem Analysis brand has continued into books, with Book Analysis. With this site, you’ll find summaries, analyses, and reviews of books, with a whole range of information on each author too, such as George Orwell.

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