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eNotes was founded in 1998 to provide material intended to help students complete their assignments to the best of their abilities.

The website is based in Seattle, where it specializes in lesson plans, literary criticism, and study guides. There is a special Homework Help section in which visitors browse through thousands of questions and answers—these range across a variety of subjects and grade levels. While also providing students with pre-asked questions, eNotes also allows students to submit their own questions and receive answers from their experts. This means their database of information is steadily growing.

What Does eNotes Offer? 

On eNotes, readers can find a great deal of information about a variety of topics, but the website focuses mainly on history and literature, and the humanities more broadly. There are over 1,000 contributors who work to create content for eNotes. These include teachers and professors who create content that’s later edited by a team of publishers. 

eNotes is considered to be one of the most-used educational sites on the web, with more than 5 million unique visitors every month. eNotes also offers paid subscriptions to their services, which they received 100’s during the school year on weekdays. 

What Does Poem Analysis Offer? 

Poem Analysis focuses on literature and related articles. It offers access to poetic texts as well as analyses by the site’s expert writers. These analyses provide readers, and especially students, the information they need to better understand the poem’s literary devices and its line-by-line breakdown. There are summaries, analyses of content, and more. These articles also include information about the poet, such as their personal and historical contexts. On the website, readers will find articles about idioms, nursery rhymes, and hundreds of literary devices defined with examples. These allow students to deepen their understanding of how poets create their work and understand concepts, such as what makes a Romantic poem different from an Imagist poem.

The poets on Poem Analysis range from the best-known writers of all time, such as Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, as well as poets who feature new syllabuses and are just developing their reputations in the literary world. In addition to these resources, students and lovers of literature, in general, can also find information on novels and their authors on Book Analysis, for example, 1984 by George Orwell. 

Plus, these resources are all free to users worldwide. Poem Analysis believes in free education as well as giving back. This is why Poem Analysis donates to multiple charities.

William Green Poetry Expert
Will created Poem Analysis back in 2015 and has a team of the best poetry experts helping him analyze poems from the past and present. Although he has a background in Automotive Engineering, having worked for McLaren testing supercars, Will has a keen eye for poetry and literature.
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