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Hello Poetry 

Hello Poetry is a poetry website that began in 2009 as a place to read and share poetry. The website into a place where over a million readers a month can share their love for poetry.

Hello Poetry is a well-loved website that offers readers worldwide an opportunity to share their personal writing and have it featured alongside the work of well-known classic and contemporary writers.

What Does Hello Poetry Offer? 

Hello Poetry hosts hundreds of, well-known to obscure, poets and the work of amateur writers from around the world. Readers can explore poems and brief biographical snippets about the associated poets, saving, sharing, and reacting with various emojis to each. 

Hello Poetry chooses to keep its community small, meaning that new members must submit their work for review by a moderator and wait to see if they will be accepted. Only after becoming a member does one receive access to certain features of Hello Poetry. For example, an ad-free experience and the ability to “shine light” on certain poems, deciding which should be featured on the homepage of Hello Poetry, and more. 

What Does Poem Analysis Offer? 

On Poem Analysis, web users will also be able to browse well-known and more obscure writers. In addition to reading full poems, Poem Analysis also offers analyses of themes, messages, and literary devices. On Poem Analysis, visitors can also find dedicated pages to the poet’s personal biographies. Other resources include analyses of idiomsnursery rhymes, and numerous lists. These include the best poems from famous authors and the best poems ever written on various themes. 

Additionally, Poem Analysis puts a great deal of focus on filling in the blanks for poetry studied around the world. There, readers can find poems featured in poetry anthologies and on educational syllabuses. This means that it’s very likely visitors will be able to find information about an obscure contemporary or classic poem assigned for class.

On Poem Analysis, visitors can comment, ask questions, and receive timely responses from poetry experts. For example, if a visitor has a question about a specific part of a poem, they can ask and expect to receive an answer to their query within the comments section.

Additionally, on Poem Analysis, all the content is free. This means that there is no need to sign up for or pay for a membership. Readers have access to thousands upon thousands of poems, literary terms, and the work of around thousands of poets at any time. To make sure the site contributes to good causes, Poem Analysis donates $50 to Alzheimer’s Research every month.

What’s more, the Poem Analysis brand has continued into books with Book Analysis. With this site, you’ll find summaries, analyses, and reviews of books, with a whole range of information on each author too, such as Margaret Atwood and George Orwell

Emma Baldwin Poetry Expert
Emma graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in English, minor in Creative Writing, BFA in Fine Art, and BA in Art Histories. Literature is one of her greatest passions which she pursues through analyzing poetry on Poem Analysis.
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