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LitCharts was founded by the original editors of SparkNotes. The website offers analyses of poems, books, and plays.

Some pages on the website include icons that help readers understand where and when a theme or motif appears in a work as well. There are bullet-point summaries of plots, and color-coded themes to help readers trace them throughout a story. LitCharts also offers sortable quotes, data visualization, and a mobile app.


What Does LitCharts Offer?

LitCharts, at this moment in time (December 2020), offers more than 1,000 literary guides, 335 poetry guides, and 136 literary devices and terms. They also provide students with translations of Shakespeare’s plays. The poetry guides breakdown some of the most popular poems online. A guide includes an introduction, summary, analysis of themes, the speaker, context, and more.

LitCharts offers a portion of their resources for free. In order to get information, in regard to literary devices, a line-by-line analysis of poetry, and more, web users are asked to pay for Litcharts A+ on a monthly or yearly basis.

Their guides contain a lot of information organized in a long scrollable page. The central portion is locked, due to subscription requirements, but the top starts with an introduction and the bottom ends with external resources and other poems on the website by the same author.


What Does Poem Analysis Offer?

On Poem Analysis, web users will also be able to browse similar articles. Currently, Poem Analysis has 4,095 poems analyzed and 876 literary terms. Poem Analysis also offers dedicated pages to the poet’s personal biographies.

Other resources include analyses of idioms, nursery rhymes, and numerous lists. These include the best poems from popular authors and the best poems ever written on a wide variety of themes. Additionally, Poem Analysis puts a great deal of focus on filling in the blanks when it comes to poetry studied around the world. The website offers poetry anthologies from educational syllabuses, meaning that it’s very likely that an obscure poem a teacher assigns their class has already been analyzed on the site.

Poem Analysis also values reader engagement. They give their website users the opportunity to comment and ask their experts questions at the bottom of every article. If there is something in the analysis that you don’t understand, one of Poem Analysis’s experts will answer it for you quickly and clearly.

On Poem Analysis, all the content you read is free. To make sure the site contributes to good causes, Poem Analysis donates $50 to Alzheimer’s Research every month.

What more, the Poem Analysis brand has continued into books, with Book Analysis. With this site, you’ll find summaries, analyses, and reviews of books, with a whole range of information on each author too.

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