Willa Cather

Willa Cather is a well-known and well-regarded American poet and author born in 1873. She is best known for her novels which include O Pioneers! Her lesser-known poetry also demonstrates her skill with lyrical language. Read more about Willa Cather.

Fides, Spes

‘Fides, Spes’ by Willa Cather is a sensorial poem that depends on images and feelings to depict the most joyous life and light of the world. 

Poppies on Ludlow Castle

‘Poppies on Ludlow Castle’ by Willa Cather describes the nature of Ludlow Castle in Shropshire, England and the spectres of the past it holds.

Prairie Spring

‘Prairie Spring’ by Willa Cather is a list poem which describes what it is like to experience one’s youth on the vibrant and “sombre” prairies. 

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