William Watson Poems

William Watson was an accomplished English poet whose works were heavily influenced by his strong political and social beliefs. With a poetic style characterized by its philosophical depth and eloquent language, Watson’s poetry is still celebrated for its evocative and inspiring qualities.

The Things That Are More Excellent

by William Watson

‘The Things that Are More Excellent’ by William Watson is a highly relatable poem that reminds readers to value the truly “excellent” things in life. One should not waste time on societal norms or acquiring material possessions.

William Watson is not a very well-known poem, but this is a wonderful piece of poetry that deserves to rank as one of his best. The poem taps into highly relatable themes and delivers them in a way that's engaging and memorable. All readers should be able to relate to figuring out what's important in life and focusing on those things.

As we wax older on this earth,

Till many a toy that charmed us seems

Emptied of beauty, stripped of worth,

And mean as dust and dead as dreams—

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