Let Us Write a Poem for You

Anyone can write poetry. But it is an art form, and not everybody has the time to become a “word artist”.

On many occasions, poetry is sometimes the best form of communication, creating a much deeper meaning than what can typically be done with a speech.

With a world-class team of poetry experts here at Poem Analysis, we are offering the opportunity to have members of our team write the perfect poem for your specific circumstance and information.


What to expect from our Write a Poetry Service

What you can expect to receive from such a service includes the following:

  • Communication to our team, to help them understand exactly what you want us to write a poem about
  • Up to 3 revisions, to help us create the perfect poem for your situation
  • Leaders in poetry analysis, using specific poetry techniques to make your poem relay the exact message you want it portraying
  • You retain full copyright over the poem that is produced, with the option of having it analyzed for free by another member of the team, to be published on Poem Analysis

Our poetry expert that will be fulfilling your request is one of our best experts, LJ Bovey, a post-graduate poet from South Devon, England. He features prominently in spoken word events in South Devon as well as having a collection available to purchase via Amazon. LJ has been a key part of Poem Analysis from the start and continually helps analyze poetry from the past and present, whilst responding to the community to answer any questions they might have.

LJ will commission you a poem. You can give as much or as little input as you want. From a title to a description of a loved one that you want to be immortalized in spoken word. You can request any format that you want. From a Sestina to a Triolet. The sky is the limit.


Write a Poem Service Details

Details Short Poem Medium Poem Long Poem
Length 0-10 lines 10-25 lines 25-40 lines
Poetic structure/form Any Any Any
Rhyming scheme Any Any Any
Revisions 0-3 0-3 0-3
What can the poem be about? Anything Anything Anything
Price $19 $34 $49

Length of Poem
Describe your poem details