Yamaguchi Seishi Poems

Yamaguchi Seishi (1901-1994) was a celebrated Japanese haiku poet known for his modernization of the form. His poems captured the beauty of unconventional subjects, showcasing his innovative approach to haiku.

Yamaguchi published numerous volumes of haiku and became a significant figure in the genre, leaving a lasting impact on Japanese literature.

Grasses wilt

by Yamaguchi Seishi

‘Grasses wilt’ by Yamaguchi Seishi is a unique poem that’s written in the form of a haiku. It describes two contrasting, yet related, images.

Yamaguchi Seishi is a lesser-known Japanese poet, but this piece should be considered among his best. This poem conveys an interesting dynamic between nature and human creations, specifically grass and a train. It's likely to leave readers with more questions than answers.

Grasses wilt:

the braking locomotive

grinds to a halt.

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