Yosa Buson Poems

Yosa Buson was a respected Japanese painter and poet of the Edo era known for his mastery of both genres. Recognized as one of the best haiku poets of all time, his writings continue to be studied and praised for their beauty and wisdom.

Buson typically employed seasonal themes and motifs to explore the transience of existence and the impermanence of all things. His poetry is known for its vivid and evocative descriptions of nature. He also frequently wrote about the joys and struggles of regular people.

Buson was a highly competent painter in addition to his work as a poet, and many of his works include natural themes in a simple, elegant style. Combined, his poetry and artwork make an incredible legacy that continues to enthrall and inspire people around the globe.

On the one-ton temple bell

by Yosa Buson

‘On the one-ton temple bell’ by Yosa Buson is a beautiful haiku. It describes a moonmoth sleeping on a temple bell. 

Buson was a renowned poet in the Edo period of Japan, known for his mastery of haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry. His work often explored themes of nature, impermanence, and the beauty of the natural world. All of these themes are seen in great detail in this poem. It uses incredibly powerful visual and sound-based images to make the reader image what's happening in the moment and what will happen when the bell rings.

On the one-ton temple bell

A moonmoth, folded into sleep,


The light of a candle

by Yosa Buson

‘The light of a candle’ by Yosa Buson captures a moment of beauty and symbolism in the everyday act of lighting a candle.

Yosa Buson was a prominent Japanese poet of the 18th century known for his haiku poetry. His work, like this poem, often focused on nature and the passage of time. In this case, the poet imbues the image of a flame passing from candle to candle with a great deal of symbolism. His poetry has influenced many other poets and has been studied and celebrated for centuries.

The light of a candle

is transferred to another candle—

spring twilight.

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